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PIC OF THE WEEK: Kristy Boller captured this amazing shot of a Mollymook rainbow. Submit entries via email, Facebook or Instagram for your chance to be featured. Battle of the GateWindward Way Milton is a nice walk along a country lane.Well it use to be. Until the gates arrived.
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The no entry pedestrian signs on the padlocked gates have been there for more than five months or more. Council states “The no entry signs will be removed after rehabilitation.”The definition of Land rehabilitation is the process of returning the land in a given area to some degree of its former state.Which was a rough public track. Not a padlocked grass paddock 300 meters long and three lanes wide.

In a letter from Council in May this year it stated Wynyard Way is not a “Private Road”.In fact the track is not even a track but “unused road reserve”.The gate at Warden Street lies in the grass.The gate at the other end is regularly demolished by someone. Then rebuilt only to be demolished again.

The sign which states Council doesn’t maintain this track is still there.As 300 meters of the track no longer exists who will maintain the planted grass. Council sheep.

R.Croft, MiltonDogs on NarrawalleeI am writingtoexpress my alarm atthechanges that have happened on my local beach, Narrawallee.

I have watchedthepro dog movement(who are very media savvy) push their agenda further and further so that now there are very few times when we do not have dogs onthebeach.

I have just returned from a walk on Narrawallee where I passed sevendogs and owners atthenorth end ofthebeach where, supposedly, dogs are not permitted.Thesand was covered in paw prints from previous walkers.I then walked outtotheinlet,where supposedly again,dogs are not allowed (and let’s hopethe incredible bird life there will be protected).Ipassed three dog owners and fivedogs, all of whom had walked straight passedthesigns declaring it a no dog area.

Walking on One Track For All earlier this week, I noticed that someone has sprayed allthedog faeces with a fluro pink powder, pointing outthefact that dog owners are not cleaning up after their pets.It is everywhere on both sides ofthetrack.

If council has implemented these changes, it is vital that they enforcetherules. If a ranger was patrolling these areas frequently, council would be well ableto pay ranger wages with fines that aretheconsequence of taking your dog into no dog areas.

Iamnotatallantidog,buthavewatchedinhorrorasNarrawalleehasbeenturnedintoatotal“dogsocialisation” area, asthepro dog movement takes more and more space anddisregardstheboundaries they were given,with little thoughttothemajority of other beach users.

Can we please have more patrolling and very clear signage in this area, astheboundaries of where dogs can and cannot go are being totally disregarded.

Narrawallee residentSharia Law in AustraliaISIL and other extremists group claimSharia Law is supreme and Islam demands that it be the only law of the land. Their ultimate goal is to establish it forcibly everywhere in the world. Such an ideology is impractical, non-sense and totally contrary to the teachings of Islam.

The Koran clearly states‘there should be no compulsion in the religion’. Coercion was never an instrument in the religion, neither in the past, nor will be in future. The very essence of secularism is absolute justice be practiced regardless of the differences of faith, religion, color, creed or group.

Islam also pleads for a secular type of government as Koran states‘Allah (God) orders you to always practice justice’and ‘let not a people’s enmity incite you to act otherwise than with justice’.Prophet Muhammad never imposed Islamic law on the Jewish or other communities of Medina who accepted him not as their religious leader, but as a political leader.

U.Mahmood, South BowenfelsThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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